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Located in the beautiful town of Carleton Place Ontario. Our team of chiropractic assistants and Dr Murphy strive to care for you with excellence. You will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere where you feel safe and relaxed.


To lead people toward a fulfilled life of wellness, certainty and greatness.


Through effective communication, spinal restoration techniques and corrective chiropractic care, we specialize in improving life naturally for people from all over the World.


To help hurting people believe.

A short time ago… I was consumed with back and leg pain and a virtual captive of the sofa. I would sleep during the day out of sheer boredom and now sleep well at night trying to negotiate a comfortable position. I worried that I would never walk upright again or  be pain free. Today…  after six short weeks my pain-free hours are melting into pain-free weeks. My energy level increases daily along with renewed interest and joy in life.

Lori Newell Lahti

I first started seeing Dr. Murphy mid April 2014 and I will be honest I was very sceptical. Dr. Murphy sat down with me and took the time to educate me so I would have a better understanding of what’s going on with my body.

I had symptoms that I didn’t think a chiropractor could help me with. I was suffering with severe headaches for about 2 months with pain in my neck and upper shoulders. I was finding it hard to function during the day as I was tired all the time and could not sleep at night. My energy level had dropped dramatically and I couldn’t catch my breath during physical activities. I could no longer do what I love to do the most… playing hockey, running, and working out at the gym. At this point I was willing to try anything just to feel better and I trusted Dr. Murphy when he said he could help me.

I started seeing Dr. Murphy for adjustments and within 2 and a half weeks my headaches were next to nearly gone and I wasn’t nearly having as much neck and upper shoulder pain. I could not believe the changes in my body in such a short period of time, and I know I will only improve with having regular adjustments. I have been able to run 6k and not even think of stopping because I can’t breathe and I have my energy back making it easier to function normally again.

I can’t thank Dr. Murphy enough for helping me get my life back again.

Kailee Marks

Dr. Sean Murphy


Christine Murphy


How do we care for patients?

We care for patients by creating a chiropractic care plan that is tailored just for your needs, taking into account your past history, current lifestyle, nutrition, dreams and goals. Your thorough exam includes digital posture analysis and modern X-Ray technology to be absolutely sure that all factors contributing to your health are accounted for.