Want to see great weight loss and tone your core properly?

When you have a chubbier than normal midsection, no matter how many abdominal crunches you perform, you need to change your approach.  If you are searching for a tighter flatter stomach, you need to start by lengthening and  tightening the abdominal muscles.  You can flatten your stomach by performing planks as well as using hand held rollers for abdominal exercises. It is my belief that most people need to avoid crunches for their abdominal exercises because most people sit too much already.  Crunches forces you back into this sitting posture by shortening your stomach and hip muscles.  Crunches tend to overstimulate short hip flexor muscles which results in hip pain, lower back pain and a chubbier midsection.  This is obviously not your goal.  We don’t need any more exercises that put us into a slumped forward posture that we already have at our desk, driving or watching television in our favourite chair.

Your goal is to flatten your stomach and so you should lengthen your abdominal muscles during exercise and keep them tight.  

If you try this simple and effective tip but you still struggle with your core strength, you may have a problem in your spine that needs correction.  You could see great gains at the gym with proper spinal improvement.  If you have never had your spine assessed, please click here and book a consultation.

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