A fun road trip this summer will not be considered because of your back pain in the car. Well, don’t miss out anymore. Try these amazing tips for gaining comfort in your car.

A long drive will force you to sit still and concentrate on the task at hand; which is driving safely to your destination. Most people don’t stop and pull over for many breaks along the way, so I have included an easy tip here to help you keep on truckin’ in comfort.

Bring a beach towel for behind your back and keep your head against the head rest. You can fold the beach towel in many different ways as you drive. It is best if your passenger can change the towel fold and replace it behind your back at least twice per hour. (Don’t try to do this part yourself).

The secret to comfort as you drive is to change your position many times and remember to take fresh air breaks along the way. Your fresh air break may be simply rolling down the window for a few minutes or you may choose to pull over, get out and walk around for ten minutes. (Do this once every hour).
Once you create this habit in your car, you will again enjoy the beauty of the open road and the peace of mind driving can bring.

If you try this tip but you still have back pain you may have a spinal problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Please click here for more information and book a free consultation with me and we can talk about your health.

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