Use a stand-up desk. 

You can find inexpensive yet quality stand up desks at any Canadian Swedish furniture store (IKEA and JYSK) and slightly more expensive versions at any Canadian office supply store (STAPLES).  

If a stand up desk is not an option, raise your computer up to eye level. Be sure to have a desk chair that can move up and down throughout the day.  If studying from a book, use a holder for your book that tips it up vertically and place it on top of one or two other text books bringing your reader to eye level. 

For extra relief and comfort, remember to change your position many times throughout the day and take fresh air breaks (avoid the smoking section at work).  Regular refreshing movement is very important for your posture.  Your body is designed to move.  If you get into the bad habit of sitting still at your desk it is very destructive to your spine and your brain.  Remember, 90% of the nutrition for your brain comes from movement of the spine alone!  So be sure to move frequently.

Pain relief may require more than an ergonomic assessment of your desk.

If you try these simple yet effective tips and your pain does not subside, you may have a spinal misalignment that may need correction, please click here for a proper assessment of your spine.

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