The one thing you need to be made aware of with respect to shoulder pain, is that both shoulders can be affected by organ problems. 

For example, you know when someone is experiencing a heart attack, often times their left shoulder will be very sore and yet, the shoulder has nothing wrong with it?  This is called referred pain due to the intricate arrangement of nerves that travel to the spine from the heart as well as from the left shoulder.  Both sets of nerves from the shoulder and the heart arrive at the same meeting point in the spine and so there is some overlap of signals which confuses the brain.  

In the case of right shoulder pain, liver and gall bladder problems are often causes of right shoulder pain.  It is important to rule these problems out when you are assessing your shoulder pain.  Be sure to have a proper examination of your shoulder and spine by a doctor of chiropractor if the pain persists.  

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