What does it mean to say ‘my health is failing?’

You are created to heal. You have greatness inside your nervous system. You always have.

Did you know that your body is constantly in a state of growth and repair? Your brain and nervous system control the regrow of your liver, your skin, your stomach lining, your blood cells and your lung tissue to name a few. When your nervous system is functioning well, you can rest assured that your health is always ‘improving’.

When there is spinal misalignment, your nervous system will struggle. Your brain will have difficulty communicating with your body and usually you will begin to feel unfavourable symptoms like pain, muscle spasms and organ break down.

My recommendation, to answer your question, is to realize that you have amazing potential. Have a chiropractor assess your spine and nervous system to determine if your spine is healthy and functioning optimally. If your spine is misaligned and unhealthy, your chiropractor will help set you up on a program to begin correcting your spinal problem.

As your spine improves, your health will improve. As your health improves you will gain more certainty in your potential for greatness. You will begin to see that day to day stress is easily managed, knowing you have started to steward your health properly.

True health comes from stewarding what you have been given at birth – a healthy body- under the control of a healthy brain and nervous system.

Bless you.
Dr Murphy

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