When you can’t sleep often times it is because of an irritated nervous system. When your spine is misaligned your nervous system as well as your brain stays active. In order to regain sleep you must first address your spine and nervous system.

If you’ve done all of this, seeing a chiropractor, and are currently working on your spine but you still can’t sleep, try the following tip:

Sleep on your belly-side or back-side by using a standard pillow and a body pillow.

Place the body pillow along your side lengthways and use your other pillow normally.  The body pillow will enable you to ‘lean’ forward or lay backwards on it, while the other pillow supports your head.  When you lean forward or backwards with the body pillow, you avoid the torque that is normally created from twisting your neck to breath.  If you are regularly a side sleeper, adding the body pillow will allow you to tilt off of the sharps points of your shoulder and hips.

This body pillow sleeping tip comes from the many nights I realized that the couch can be more comfortable than my bed.  The shape of the couch allows me to lean back against the backrest of the couch while my head remained supported on my pillow.   In order to create this scenario in my bed (to also salvage the relationship with my amazing wife) I decided on using a body pillow to create the lean-to and voila, the same couch-type setting was created and a resultant restful sleep was attained.

If you try this tip and still can’t sleep and would like to book an appointment please click here.

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