Just because your knees are sore does not mean you are a candidate for surgery – no matter what your knee looks like on X-rays, try this first.  

Knee pain usually means your body is dehydrated and acidic inside.  Here is what you can do.  Drink more distilled or spring water from a spring. Add lemon to your water.  When I say lemon I mean a real, yellow lemon that you need to cut in half and literally squeeze the juice into your water. Some people try to use this tip and they us lemon juice that is already prepared and bottled.  This type of lemon juice will not balance the acid inside you because bottled lemon juice has additives that actually make you even more acidic!  A real lemon will help stimulate your body to secrete more basic compounds into the blood and de-acidify your system.  Consume the juice from one lemon per day by squeezing it into 3 litres of water.  You can break up the water into 6  500mL bottles or 3 separate one litre bottles.  By day end you should have consumed one lemon and 3 litres of water. Do this for three days and you should notice amazing pain relief!!

If you try this tip and you still have knee pain it is most likely a problem in your lower back.  Please click here and come and talk to me.

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