If you’d like what you’ve seen from Dr. Sean Murphy on this website, or on his CTV Appearances. You may be interested in hiring him for a Motivational Seminar and/or attending one yourself?

Dr Murphy is regarded as one of Canada’s top health experts in human function, wellness and spinal restoration.  Dr Murphy is a skilled concert performer, a corrective care doctor in private practice, and a life changing motivational speaker.

Dr Murphy began harnessing his talent in inspiring audiences while performing piano at a very young age.  Performing allowed him to gain comfort in front of audiences of all sizes. His career in chiropractic allowed him to be the spinal doctor of choice for members of the musical groups Van Halen, The Eagles and The Guess Who when these groups have performed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

From there he and his wife own and operate a private practice which quickly became one of the largest family chiropractic practices in the region. Dr Murphy has helped hundreds of doctors, business leaders and entrepreneurs over the last 15 years understand and communicate the science and philosophy behind the power of chiropractic, the value of health and living with certainty.

His unique approach not only delivers the research and scientific truth about health, but also explaining the information in a clear and simple delivery that  gives audiences a sure-fire way to apply it in their life right away!

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