Do your arms and hands go numb at night? You may need a new pillow or you may be suffering with a more serious problem.  Find out here.

Your pillow should be able to ‘change’ to be effective. Your pillow should have a stuffing that allows you to fluff the pillow up or squish it flat.  Your pillow should also be designed for your size and stature as well.  Bigger people may require a bigger more full pillow and tiny people might need a flatter pillow.  

Next your pillow and mattress have to blend properly.  You may need a soft pillow combined with a firm mattress depending on your size.  Some other people may need a firm pillow with a soft mattress depending on their size.  You decide what works best but try different combinations until you get it right.    

Doctor’s tip…My favourite pillow (and I don’t get paid for saying this) is actually called “My Pillow”.  This pillow has pieces of foam all cut up inside it and you can change the thickness simply by fluffing it up or squishing it down.  

Despite the silly picture of the man on the box, “My Pillow” is a very good pillow produced by Mike Lindell (the guy with the moustache on the box).  The company is so sure you will love the pillow, it is guaranteed to be “The Most comfortable pillow you will ever own”.  (That means you can return it if you don’t like it and I like that policy).  You can find the pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond and when you sign up for their newsletter, you get 20% off as well!

If changing your pillow is not giving you relief you may be suffering from pinched nerves in your neck and you should have a proper chiropractic exam.  Click here to schedule your exam.

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