That’s right, surgery is NOT the only option. There is a natural approach for pain relief available…

Many people have tests done when they are sore, either an MRI, Xray or CT scan and they see wear and tear of their joints in these pictures. Please understand that most people show signs of wear and tear and have no pain. This means we need to do a better job and find the real source of pain in your body than simply looking at these pictures.  My recommendation is to stay with natural care of your spine for a while longer before considering a surgery.  

Surgery is necessary only when your other option is a complete loss of the quality of your life.  Mild pain on occasion in your body is not something that should influence your quality of life, particularly if you can resolve the problem with my tips here.  The point is to trust your body first.  

If you are considering surgery ask yourself, “If I don’t have surgery will my other option be a wheel chair?”  If the answer to this question is “yes”, then you should consider the surgery.  If you know you are giving up too easy, then wait!  Remember that surgery is very invasive no matter how skilled the surgeon. Once you have modified the inside of you body by cutting, cleaning, replacing and sewing, and it will never be the same. 

Please take some time and consider taking care of you spinal cord naturally and click here to come and talk to me.

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