Gout pain solved naturally!  Find out how here…

Gout pain is one of the most painful types of arthritis.  In order to buffer the pain of a gout attack, you should start by adding natural apple cider vinegar to your diet and drink 3 litres of quality water per day to flush the uric acid crystals out of your system.  You can also add a supplement called URICA by a company called AOR during an outbreak as well which seems to help recovery (AOR Supplements Canada contact information is at www.aor.ca).

You can always determine when an outbreak of gout pain is coming because your body will feel sharp pain in different joints from your neck to your back, from your hips to your knees. If you act quickly enough to reestablish a neutral body (pH of 7.4) by following these recommendations, your gout attack will be soothed before it starts.

For this tip to be most effective, your spine should be heathy, aligned and moving without irritation.  If you do not know if your spine is the problem causing your gout you need to know this.  Click here and come to talk to me.

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