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Headaches are usually from poor posture in your neck and from eating white stuff like flour and sugar in your diet.

I can’t tell you how many times I have met a patient who says their healthcare provider told them that their headaches will never go away.  People have been told they will suffer from headaches for the rest of their life.  This destroys all hope of recovery and faith in the body to heal itself.  Often times people are tested to confirm that there is no mass present or any other pressure-inducing cause in the head.  If a person isn’t under a lot of stress or tension, usually a pain medication is recommended for their headaches.  If the pain medication doesn’t work, often a mood altering drug is offered to help a person ‘feel’ better about the fact that they have ‘incurable’ headaches.  This treatment method does not get to the source or cause of the problem and it leaves patients feeling uneasy.

A person suffering from chronic headaches usually enters my clinic and asks for help for pain relief with only a glimmer of hope left inside them.  Once we rule out the serious causes of head pain like masses and blood flow issues, we need to look at the spine.

The nerves that exit the spine at the base of the skull are almost always irritated when someone has head pain.  By caring for this area of the spine with chiropractic care, we have seen most people have complete resolution from head pain.  The spine is the secret.  Have your neck assessed by a chiropractor if you can’t get relief of head pain. 

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