How do I get rid of my pain? How do I control my mental illness naturally? How do I lose weight without starving myself?

This book will help you find the answers to these questions and more, in a clear and simple way. Find pain relief in your home. Unlock the hormone secret to happiness and joy. Discover how to kick up your metabolism and lose weight quickly. A fun and inspiring discovery of your greatest healing power.

Dr Sean Murphy has been featured on national television broadcasts in Canada with regular appearances on CTV television and TSN radio. His insightful and inspiring health knowledge is fascinating to viewers and listeners alike. Dr Murphy is a master of keeping it simple. He inspires people to look deeper into their health and healing, and makes healthy living fun.

The BEST Natural Healing Tips showcases Dr Murphy’s humour and charm and promises to be an incredible read for REAL people searching for REAL answers. Health can be simple and even funny sometimes.

Enjoy this book and share it with your friends.


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