The thread that weaves all parts of Dr Murphy together is his faith in Christ. No matter where Dr Murphy is, his clinic, speaking or socializing, he has a tremendous desire to serve others with his gifts as a chiropractor and through his faith.

Dr Peter J Amlinger, DC, Mississauga, Ontario.

Dr Murphy is a philanthropist.

He has spent his life helping his community through outreach, charity and promotion.  He believes that God calls people to be a vessel for goodness.

Dr Murphy’s efforts in helping others through several venues include:

  • The Murphy Chiropractic ‘hats and mitts’ Christmas campaign to keep local children safe and warm
  • Postural Screening Outreach for the Carleton Place Hospital and Lanark County Food Bank
  • Chiropractors with Compassion, helping children overseas receive fresh water and education
  • In-office observation offered for Medical and Chiropractic students learning specific spinal exam procedures and care techniques
  • Scholarship Programs for people of all ages to receive chiropractic health care
  • A worship leader and youth pastor

Sean and his family are involved in the ministry of The Bridge in the children’s ministry and the music ministry.  His attitude towards business isn’t that it is all about him or the bottom line but about people – meeting their needs. I have seen Sean give professional help to those who need it but can’t afford it.

S. Allan Summers, Senior Pastor, The Bridge Church, Kanata Ontario.

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