Murphy Spinal Restoration Program

We developed a program that completely encompassed everything I wanted to do for patients, that was simple enough to administer in an organized fashion to help a patient go from broken and unhealthy, scared and sick….to strong, powerful, fearless and healthy, with certainty of tomorrow’s potential and empowered with the knowledge to pick proper lifestyle choices, and satisfy a renewed voracious appetite for all things Awesome and Healthy.

Chiropractic Care

Gentle Family-Focused Goal-Centered Care.

Discover more about our spinal restoration chiropractic program. An intense program that focuses on results. Discover an all encompassing spinal restoration program, geared to your specific goals, AND perfected to accomplish the results you are looking for.

Dr Murphy is part of a team of specifically trained doctors who focus on Corrective Chiropractic and Spinal Restoration.

Media Appearances

You will NOT be disappointed in Dr Murphy’s passionate presentation!  With his powerful delivery and customized message, you, and your attendees will be happy you contacted our office to schedule your next big inspiring event for your team, group or audience!

Motivational Seminars

Dr Murphy is regarded as one of Canada’s top health experts in human function, wellness and spinal restoration.

His unique approach not only delivers the research and scientific truth about health, but also explaining the information in a clear and simple delivery that  gives audiences a sure-fire way to apply it in their life right away!

What sets us apart?

We use the most modern X-Ray technology and digital posture analysis available, onsite.

We have a highly trained team of professionals who can interpret and analyze your test results onsite.

We use specific neurological testing methods to determine the cause of your symptoms.

We teach all patients rehabilitation and home exercises to increase the level of success.

We offer unique and specific Programs of Corrective Care, with state of the art examination procedures and treatment methods.

We schedule efficient and thorough Progress Exams to assess your progress and improvements.

We provide educational and informative Doctor’s Reports for all patients and their families.

We offer dynamic Advanced Seminars to encourage advanced understanding, growth and performance.

Complete and comprehensive, restorative and thorough, corrective care.

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