Chiropractic Care

Spinal Restoration

Discover more about our spinal restoration chiropractic program. An intense program that focuses on results.

Discover an all encompassing spinal restoration program, geared to your specific goals, AND perfected to accomplish the results you are looking for.

The power behind amazing wellness is not a mystery.

Dr Murphy is part of a team of specifically trained doctors who focus on Corrective Chiropractic and Spinal Restoration.

Trained in educating and empowering every person, from highly trained competitive athletes to amazing people from infants to seniors.

A host of monthly seminars, advanced workshops, public communication and family wellness.

Founded by Dr Sean and Christine Murphy.  After 15 years of student development and supportive outlines from the educational system and research, our healthcare system is through and dynamic.

Our in-reach and outreach system will allow you to make new appropriate wellness decisions for you and your family.   Our free monthly workshops help you begin the important steps to developing the new and healthier you. Our treatment and care includes progressive exams, specific and personalized home exercises, and spinal corrective techniques for you and your family.

Living pain-free, driving, travelling, and experiencing the adventure of a beautiful life is in your DNA.

Upon qualification to the program, you are invited to begin the steps to live YOUR abundant prosperous and empowering LIFE.


Corrective exercises

Home and office rehabilitation exercises from simple to advanced.

X-rays on-site

Digitally advanced on-site X-ray facilities (picture of X-rays and our X-ray room with unit)

Postural screenings

Digitally advanced postural assessment programs (picture of a posture pro assessment, sent to you Saturday)

Orthotic inserts and orthotic shoes

In-Office Gait analysis and affordable orthotic inserts and shoes.

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