Spinal Restoration Program?

When we started practicing chiropractic in Carleton Place we wanted to provide a program that would be effective for our patients, achieve great results, and allow for truly deep central nervous system healing.  We wanted a program that would empower a person to a depth where their whole life could change.  This is a spinal restoration model of care.

Your spinal restoration program is first and foremost about achieving results.  We want you to know with certainty that change is possible and that your healing starts first with correcting your spine. The proper function of your body depends upon the proper alignment of your spine and also the health of your nervous system.

Dr. Sean Murphy

Your exam with Dr Murphy will demonstrate if you have spinal misalignment causing a loss of function and discomfort.

Through the power of advanced X-Ray imaging and digital postural analysis you will discover whether the spinal misalignment is correctable.

Before you decide to pursue a program of care, you and your family will receive a detailed report. Dr Murphy will outline all of your options and answer all of your questions.

The program of care we provide is individualized to your specific needs.

The chiropractic adjustments you will experience are diverse and gentle.

Your restoration program incorporates enough time required for true healing including proper progress exams to assess your changes.

Your program is affordable and a valuable investment in longevity.

You will discover your inborn ability to heal.

You will regain certainty in your strength and power.

You will discover you were created for greatness.


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