A short time ago… I was consumed with back and leg pain and a virtual captive of the sofa. I would sleep during the day out of sheer boredom and now sleep well at night trying to negotiate a comfortable position. I worried that I would never walk upright again or  be pain free. Today…  after six short weeks my pain-free hours are melting into pain-free weeks. My energy level increases daily along with renewed interest and joy in life.

Lori Newell Lahti

I first started seeing Dr. Murphy mid April 2014 and I will be honest I was very sceptical. Dr. Murphy sat down with me and took the time to educate me so I would have a better understanding of what’s going on with my body.

I had symptoms that I didn’t think a chiropractor could help me with. I was suffering with severe headaches for about 2 months with pain in my neck and upper shoulders. I was finding it hard to function during the day as I was tired all the time and could not sleep at night. My energy level had dropped dramatically and I couldn’t catch my breath during physical activities. I could no longer do what I love to do the most… playing hockey, running, and working out at the gym. At this point I was willing to try anything just to feel better and I trusted Dr. Murphy when he said he could help me.

I started seeing Dr. Murphy for adjustments and within 2 and a half weeks my headaches were next to nearly gone and I wasn’t nearly having as much neck and upper shoulder pain. I could not believe the changes in my body in such a short period of time, and I know I will only improve with having regular adjustments. I                          have been able to run 6k and not even think of stopping because I can’t breathe and I have my energy back making it easier to function normally again.

I can’t thank Dr. Murphy enough for helping me get my life back again.

Kailee Marks, Carleton Place, ON

A short time ago…

I was in a golf tournament and 2 days later I could not move my neck, lots of spasms and pain. This health deterioration had been building for a while. Increased pain – generally feeling unwell.


I feel much better just after 6 months of treatment! I am looking forward to the next 6 months to see where it takes me. I don’t know what I would have done or the condition I would be in today had I not come here. I am thankful.

I am grateful to all of you for all you have done for me.

E.R. - Carleton Place, ON

A short time ago…  I had a hard time turning my head to the left. I suffered with headaches. I also had a lot of lower back pain.

Today… I feel healthy. I have more energy. I can now turn my head to the left. My headaches are a thing of the past. My posture has changed when I walk and sit. I can’t believe the positive changes Sean has made in my life. Thank you Sean

Debbie Thomas

A short time ago…..

I came to Dr. Murphy with severe lower back pain approximately two years ago. Within a couple of months I was back to normal. I haven’t had any reoccurrences since.


I’m able to work and play again like nothing ever happened.

John Speary

A short time ago, I experienced a lower back injury that curtailed many of my daily activities. Every task then had to be planned ahead of time and I could only tolerate a certain amount of time and energy on each task. I’ve always enjoyed jogging, cycling and gardening and the enjoyment I had for the sports was taken away due to the pain. Since I spend many hours volunteering in my community, I knew I had to find a treatment that would give me a better quality of life. 9 months ago I planned my first appointment at The Murphy Chiropractic Health Centre and I am thankful I did.

Today… I am back jogging, cycling and much more with little difficulty or pain due to the treatments I received by Dr. Sean Murphy. I am able to work on my home and easily care for my family. I feel good physically, which in turn nourishes the spiritual component of own being. Both must be nurtured as they depend on each other to function well and achieve the best quality of life one can hope for. A sincere thank you to The Murphy Chiropractic Health Centre. I now feel I have many years of good health ahead and I plan on continuing working in the community helping our citizens especially the youth.

Nicole Pearson

Shortly after I had retired, from the education field, arthritis started to ravage my body. It seemed that more and more of my everyday activities became very difficult for me to manage. I continue to do most things, that I did before; but, every step was painful. I toughed it out for a few years, thinking that it was all part of the natural aging process. Throughout most of my life, I had been very physically active, playing a lot of contact sports, such a hockey, football, basketball, broomball, fastball and soccer. I loved to be on the go and this condition was killing, not only by body; but, my sprit as well.

I came to hear Dr. Murphy speak one day and I was very impressed with his passion and his honesty. He sounded to me like a ‘real person’! He didn’t speak ‘down to me’ or try to confuse me with ‘edubabble’. He, actually sounded like a friend. He showed me some slides and explained that all of our systems start in the brain, travel through the spine and go where they needed to be, to maintain your healthy body. Then he explained that chiropractic care was a process – not an event, and through this process, damage to the spine could be repaired and systems could be restored.

I just wanted to be able to go for a walk with my beautiful wife, or play with my wonderful grandchildren. All of the above reasons compelled me to ask him to take me on as a client.

In the beginning, I started to notice small encouraging improvements. I was experiencing less stiffness and soreness, in my joints; less arthritic flare-ups, less inflammation of my joints, and less sciatic nerve involvement, all due to improved circulation in my legs. I started to notice that it took me less time to get rid of morning stiffness and get on with my day. My energy level was slowly coming back to me.

I never thought in terms of having a health team to look after me before; but after having both of my hips replaced, last year, I now realize how important it is to invest in your own health. I’m happy to say that my team includes a family doctor, specialists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and of course, my chiropractor, Dr. Murphy.

I have gone from – only being able to walk a few steps, assisted by a cane – to walking everyday, unassisted, dancing, exercising, playing with my grandchildren, and once again, being able to walk with my wife! Next Year, I hope to include swimming and cycling in my fitness program and get back out on the golf course!

Family and friends are my whole life, and I love my kids and grandkids, to the moon and back! My feeling, that I am finally doing the right thing for me, to extend my health as long as I can is totally empowering! Thank you, Dr. Murphy.

Wayne Hedderson

I started coming to Dr. Murphy because I experienced chronic back and neck pain.

Since getting regular chiropractic care my life has changed because my back is 100% stronger and my neck pain is non existent.

I would recommend Dr. Murphy to others because If you are committed to the program you will conquer your aches and pains with regular visits to Dr. Murphy.

Something else I wanted to say is for many years I abused my body physically and lived with the pain, but now I have 30 years off my life and feel great.

Tim Thomas

A short time ago I felt 200 years old every morning! I wasn’t able to sit up in the morning, but had to roll out of bed – literally! I creaked when I walked, my right knee was giving out daily, headaches were constant, severe depression was starting and I was grumpy.

Today after a few weeks of treatment I was hopping out of bed feeling well rested and with flexibility!! I find my body creaks less when I was and headaches are rare. Most of all… mood is what it should be: patient and happy!


Wanda Huntington


Kay Scharf, Joyce Jones, Gladys Black, Mary Toone

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